At the forefront of development in today’s gaming industry, Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC) had its beginnings in 1993 with its incorporation as Sinophil Explorations Co., Inc, a subsidiary of listed firm, Belle Corporation. Organized with oil and gas exploration and development in mind, the softening of investor interest in this area prompted a change in its primary purpose to that of an investment holding company in 1996.

Over the next two decades, the company invested in gaming-related businesses as well as property development.

In 2014, the company identified an opportunity that altered its direction and led to it becoming a key player in the local gaming space. Following a strategic company reorganization, PLC completed the acquisition of a 34.5 percent stake in lottery systems and equipment provider Pacific Online Systems Corporation, as well as Belle’s share in the City of Dreams Manila integrated resort and gaming project. In line with its new focus, the company divested its non-gaming assets consisting of land and club shares to Belle Corporation.

To reflect the change in its business, the company was renamed Premium Leisure Corp.